Gamma GA-Star Unlocked Senior Flip Cell Phone, SOS Button/Speed Dial, 2.4 inch HD Display with Big Keyboard and Big Font, Flashlight/Volume Quick Switch with Charging Dock (Dark Blue)

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Gamma-GA-Star is unlocked GSM Flip phone, it works perfectly with any GSM network cellphone providers globally, such as T-Mobile, Vodafone, Rogers, or any other 2G GSM provider. The cell phone has enhanced volume and enhanced keyboard. It has large programmable SOS panic button can call for help in case of the emergency. With Built-in FM radio, you can enjoy local FM station even when you are on the move. Large keyboard and large display are designed to be operated easily. It’s a perfect phone if you want a simple but reliable phone for both daily use, or just for emergency.

What is senior phone?
The phone design for seniors which has big clear icon, Big Button and Big font, Easy to use Operation system, it designed to be operated easily.

What is an SOS Emergency Button?
The emergency call button is located on the back side of the device You can save numbers in the SOS list. If you need prompt assistance, Just long press this button. The numbers saved are called and texted message automatically. After text messages are sent it will then start to call the numbers one by one till someone picks up;(Phone Alarm working)

What is the Quad-bands of 2G
The Phone 2G bands is GSM 800/900/1800/1900MHZ that means it has including all GSM bands of 2G and could use on global where support GSM bands. (In the US, Only T-mobile provide Real 2G GSM network, Please chose T-mobile or MVNOs which work on T-mobile 2G network as you phone sim card)

What is the M1,M2 Button
These two buttons on the keypad of the phone can be set two family numbers for shortcut dialing.

Package Detail
1* Handset
1* USB cable
1* Earphone
1* Charger
1* Battery
1* User manual
1* Charging Dock
1* Special Gift2.4inch HD Display with Big font and big icon for easy viewing, Big button for easy dialing, Big Volume for easy hearing.
Classic flip design, Flip to answer; Indicator light work on incoming calls/messages and charging, Won’t miss any important calls and SMS.
Convenience Charging dock design, Specially use for seniors with 1000mAh real battery capacity, Super long standby time up to 15days.
Special SOS Button, Edit and Save emergency number and text on the phone SOS list, Long press the SOS KEY the phone will dial and send the message one after one till someone picks up and the phone will alarm up.
Unlocked Dual-Sim GSM Phone: Compatibility Nationwide on T-Mobile, LycaMobile, Simple Mobile, Ting GSM or any other carrier that accepts 2G GSM Sim Card. Will NOT work with 3G only providers like ATT nor any CDMA Carriers.

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