LONENESSL Digital Phone Tripod Set: Portable And Adjustable Camera Stand Holder With Bluetooth Remote And Universal Clip For iPhone, Android Phone, Cam And Sports Camera Go Pro, Self Timer For Selfie

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Take The Best Pictures No Matter What

Do you enjoy taking photographs?

Do you want to take pictures everywhere you go to keep the memories alive?

Are you tired of always being out of the picture in order to get a good photo?

This new tripod set is the photography equipment pack you were looking for!

Perfect Photographs Always

This high quality tripod will give you maximum stability no matter what the terrain is like.

The tripod can bend and do a 360 degree rotation so you can get the perfect angle.

Each tripod comes with a self-timer for perfect selfies and it can take photos from a distance of 30ft! The self-timer is compatible with any android or iOS smartphone.

The photography set includes 12 pellets of anti-fog inserts that are reusable so you can take great photos under any weather condition. You can even take great photos near the water or on the mountain!

Durable And High Quality

Each piece of the photography set is made with the highest quality material and it is designed to last.

All materials are strong and durable so you can enjoy the tripod for a long time.

The tripod is very lightweight and it comes with a protective bag so you can easily carry it anywhere.

The Set Includes:

  • A tripod mount that can bend and rotate
  • A holder mount adapter with soft protective rubber
  • A self-timer for photos from a 30ft distance
  • A high quality tripod mount adapter
  • A stainless steel screw
  • A wrench for tightening and loosening the screw
  • 12 reusable anti-fog inserts
  • A 23.5×13.5 cm storage bag
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    PROFESSIONAL QUALITY PHOTOGRAPHY: You can now take perfect pictures every time. Forget about staying out of the picture in order to photograph your loved ones. The tripod set provides a wireless remote control for the best selfies .
    PREMIUM QUALITY: Each piece of the set, from the tripod to the screw, are made with the highest quality materials to ensure maximum durability and strength. The Phone tripod can twist to any shape, so wrap it on tree, bike, or anywhere, just you find it can be caught or supported .
    EASY TO CARRY: The tripod is very lightweight and easy to carry so you can take pictures easily. The tripod set comes in a convenient protective bag so you can take your photography equipment with you anywhere you go .
    PERFECT FOR EVERY CONDITION: This photography equipment set is great for every condition. The tripod will give you the stability you need no matter what terrain you’re on. The tripod comes with reusable anti-fog inserts for perfect photos on the mountain, near the water and during any weather condition .
    COMPATIBLE WITH ANY SMARTPHONE: The tripod is compatible with smartphones, digital cameras and go pro cameras for maximum convenience. The self-timer is compatible with any android or iOS smartphone .

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