New Snow Plow lighting by Edgeolite

Edgeolite a Safety Mild Company here in north america, has just introduced the modern series 1008A
For Snowplow Safety and Snowplow Bling all in one. Just the thing for 2010

It is a superb introduction for the Beginning of the year for snow plow operators as well as anybody driving the upon dark wintry highways.
They are really having safety to the advantage with this cool cool product. We are small company which includes great ideas which our customers appreciate. States Donofrio.

Because the people we utilize and deal with are usually snow plowers, truck drivers and heavy products operators, we perform product design with increased of a hands on strategy with our in industry experience’s and a small less text guide knowledge.

The 1008A is a great brand new twist to a item we developed this past year that the DOT is definitely. This product is currently limited from us having a special material covering that enables these products to be used as mirrors and lights while
taking some impact throughout snowplowing. It can quickly be installed on any kind of snowplow for additional illumination and can simply become hooked into the gun lights or transmission lights systems on your own truck for immediate snowplow bling.

the new zmachine
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