Verizon Samsung Convoy U640 No Contract Military-Spec Rugged 3G MP3 Phone

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The Samsung Convoy SCH-U640 is a durable push-to-talk phone for Verizon. This model adheres to military specification 810F for shock, dust, vibration, temperature, humidity, fog etc. The Convoy also comes equipped with GPS, Bluetooth compatibility, MMS, email client, music player, 2 megapixel camera, voice dialing, and quality speakerphone. This rugged device is reliable, offers excellent sound quality, and supports multiple languages including Spanish.

**This phone does not require a data plan for use**

This product has been carefully audited and is certified to be 100% functional.
This offer includes the following accessories 1. Battery 2. Battery Cover (if applicable) 3. Wall Charger

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